Tuesday, March 3, 2009


If you can recall back to September 2007, Gracie was picked up by the county dog catcher and when her time was up PDCR took her in. A horribly matted, dirty, scared mess. She would not walk on a leash, just sunk to the ground and would lay there not sure what to do, loud noises made her cringe and was desperate for affection. But despite all of this she loved to jump up and give you hugs. Within a day or two she was okay with walking on the leash and slowly started to learn to trust and be a happy playful dog.

It took several months but finally Gracie was flown off to her new home. Her foster mom recently received the following email from her new mom Laurie:

Hi Bobbi.
I came across your email address and thought I would give you another update. Gracie loves life here. I run with her often and she loves the extra exercise since we have nothing really for her to herd. She always has a happy smile and all our neighbors love her when she does not bark. She guards and protects the house well. We have a gated yard and she has made many friends through the gate. People stop with their dogs or feed her treats. Everybody knows and loves Gracie. We added a little 5lb Maltese to our family and Gracie and Bella get along great. They sleep together, play together, etc.. very cute. I have attached a photo of the two of them for you to see and one of my daughter with both dogs. Just wanted you to know that we love Gracie and she is great. Oh, I got her to pee now on a leash. No pooping b/c she is so private but she pees several times now when we go for walks/runs. Take care and thank you for taking her in when she needed a home. We feel so blessed to have gotten her.
Warm regards,
Laurie (Gracie's mom)

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