Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Shasta was in the rescue program since September 2008. She was days away having her puppies (The Pirate Litter) and after they all went off to their new homes she patiently awaited her happy ending, which luckily for this sweet gal good thing come to those who wait. Off she went to her new home a few weeks ago and recently her foster mom received this update from her new home:

Hi Julia,
Just thought I'd send a note to let you know just how fabulous Shasta is doing. She is very well behaved and is settling right in. The first night we didn't hear a peep from the dogs, and the second night Shasta nudged me awake with her little nose twice. Both times I thought I'd better let the dogs out even if that wasn't what she was asking for (just to show her that if she nudges me in the night I will let her out). The second time she did poop, so perhaps that was the case. Anyway, she is a fantastic little girl (as you know). She's already learning that on a walk when I ask for heel, that you heel and when I say "relax" that you can sniff and do what you like. She's also beginning to sit when we stop at curbs. Training aside though, she's being her goofy self and keeping Rosie (and the rest of us) very entertained. She also really adores Sophie and will always stop what she's doing and come to her when she calls. When we first started looking for a new dog, my husband Greg was very concerned that we find a dog that wouldn't change how peaceful it is in our house. We both wanted to make sure it was an enhancement to what we had before as opposed to a disruption. That's why we looked so carefully for the perfect dog. Shasta is just everything we wanted in a soft snuggly little package! I'll write again when I have some pictures!

Take care,
Mary Jo

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manymuddypaws said...

yay for shasta! she totally deserves it.


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