Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buddy (a.k.a Peppy)

Hi there Bobbi & Natalie,

I just wanted to give you an update on my new family. Yes it is Buddy (aka Peppy) and I have sent a couple of pictures to you. My new mom takes me out everyday for a walk with my new friends, and when it is too cold she has showed me how to work out on a treadmill to keep my trim body. It has been 2 months and I love it here, I have found a forever home, I just love my new friends and we all curl up together. This summer we get to go in the swimming pool and exercise, I cant wait!

Thank you again for giving me a second chance and helping me find my new family.



Dear PDCR,

Just a quick note to say Osa is doing very well. Perhaps a little too well. Osa has a pronounced wiggle when she walks and the vet has decided that she needs to lose 4lbs (shes 34lbs now up for the 19lbs when I got her from you guys. The vet figures 30 would be ideal).

I suspect that is partially because she is a cookie thief and steals all the cookies from both kongs that I give her and Marty to reduce his anxiety when I leave the house. And maybe she is likely carrying some "winter fat". She also tends to play REALLY hard, but then is ultra low key the rest of the time.

Keep up the good work guys! Let me know the next time you are having one of those fairs and I will bake up a bunch of dog biscuits and ship them to Lethbridge for you to sell.

Tanya, Osa & Marty

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi to Everyone at PDCR! I have finally stopped long enough for my mom to take a picture of me! It's me Tessa. Remember? Last year you gave me a place to stay and then found me the best home in the world!

I have a 14 year old brother and a 9 year old sister (the two legged kind)...they love me very much and spend alot of time playing and cuddling with me. Sometimes they bring home friends and then we REALLY go hard! My favorite game is called "mini sticks"...the kids are on their knees and then we all chase a ball around on the floor - they use sticks to try and get the ball in the net...I try and get the ball away from them.

Mom says Dad is a cat person, but I can tell he loves me too. When he is watching TV I curl up on his lap.

My mom and I are best friends and go for long walks everyday. I even get to go to the off leash trails, down by the river, where I can burn off all my energy. Most times there are other dogs there and we romp around for awhile. Mom bought me some neat coats so I stay warm and cozy in the winter! One of them has matching booties, but I don't like to wear the booties! It also has a matching hat for my sister to wear when she takes me out in the morning before school!

We spend a great deal of time out at Grandma & Grandpa's farm...which is lots of FUN! Apparently, I need to stop chasing the cattle, though, or I am going to have to stay on a leash...oops. At first I was scared of the herd, but then found out some of the babies like to run. Guess what? I like to run too! So I try to get a game of chase going, but it seems to get my family all stressed out. We are going to have to work on this. Mom is taking me to obedience classed next month. I behave most of the time, but it is hard to listen when there are other dogs - or calves - around. I hope the group class can teach mom how to help me in these situations.

Well I better go and have a bit of a nap. My brother will be home from school soon and we always wrestle when he gets home!

Love Tessa

PS. Say "HI" to Jenilee, my foster mom, for me!

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