Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I sent a thank you note a few weeks back to say how pleased I am with my new puppy. Although I have renamed him, he now goes by Oliver :)

He is a pleasure to share my life with. Being that he is my first dog Iam on a steep learning curve. But thanks to my girlfriend (she has two dogs of her own) and the great advice I have found in Cesar Milan'sbooks, everything is going very smoothly.There have been some adjustments as far as all the dogs getting along and I imagine that might take some time. But there are noticeableimprovements every day and 95% of the time we all exist very happily and quietly.

Oliver does bark occasionally indoors but he is such a gentle affectionate dog. I look forward to a lifetime with this big yellow dog. I will forward some pictures of him when I have a chance and keep you up to date on his progress as he grows out of his puppy stage.

Thanks again to everybody at Prairie Dog Rescue for helping me find my ideal dog.


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