Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is Fidgit, she came into our home as a foster nov/07 from the PDCR she was rescued from the reservation, she tugged on our heart strings and in Jan 08 she had officially became a part of our family...she has 2 other brothers who she loves, but she is the" Boss"....Fidgit is the most loving carefree dog that has ever came into our home and because of her unconditional love she makes are family complete.

" We Love you Fidgit" and thank you Prairie Dog Canine Rescue for bringing Fidgit into our lives .
Have a good one....Kathy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I sent a thank you note a few weeks back to say how pleased I am with my new puppy. Although I have renamed him, he now goes by Oliver :)

He is a pleasure to share my life with. Being that he is my first dog Iam on a steep learning curve. But thanks to my girlfriend (she has two dogs of her own) and the great advice I have found in Cesar Milan'sbooks, everything is going very smoothly.There have been some adjustments as far as all the dogs getting along and I imagine that might take some time. But there are noticeableimprovements every day and 95% of the time we all exist very happily and quietly.

Oliver does bark occasionally indoors but he is such a gentle affectionate dog. I look forward to a lifetime with this big yellow dog. I will forward some pictures of him when I have a chance and keep you up to date on his progress as he grows out of his puppy stage.

Thanks again to everybody at Prairie Dog Rescue for helping me find my ideal dog.


Thursday, March 19, 2009



In December 2007 we decided to help PDCR by fostering (with the intent of adoption) one of the pups that had come off the reserve. Christmas holidays were come up and these pups were going to be shipped off to another rescue centre. You may remember this litter of puppies that were named after candy bars and the mum is Ruthie - we picked out the one that was named Sweet Marie.

Her first night in the house I am sure was terrifying for her. She pretty much hid behind the plant stand and the leg of the cat’s perch (not the safest place as Cedar does not like anyone touching his perch and having this strange tiny dog at the foot was driving him nuts! But never once did Cedar go after her). She eventually warmed up to us and after two days there was no way we were going to give her back. We named her Jetta and she is so much fun. She loves to play with our other dog Cricket and cat Cedar or play her own games such as “dropping the kong” or a dog form of soccer with a tennis ball and a stuffed animal. When Jetta gets up in the morning it is non-stop; she is awake and ready to play, no cuddling for this girl until bed time at night and then she the biggest and sweetest suck.

We have been very lucky with our animal adoptions (this being our third) and Jetta proves once again that rescue animals can make the best family members.

Thank you PDRC for all that you do and a big thank you to all the foster homes out there because without you none of this would be and there would be a lot of unhappy families out there still searching for their forever dogs.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jack & Jazz

Jack & Jazz are Little Lulu's littermates and went off to their new home together shortly after she did. Here is an update from their new family:


Jack and Jazz are doing wonderful. They are really settling in well and are definetely a huge part of our family. They are growing tremendously and we love them very much. Jazz has always been very friendly and would sit on your lap, she loves to sit with us and always trys to lick our faces, she is adorable. Intially Jack just wanted to be at our feet, well that has changed he has decided that he wants to be on our lap now too. All is said and done but he has probably put on 7 pounds since we first got them he his huge and continues to grow rapidly. They love to run and play outside and are quite curious about the horses. I think they enjoy having the freedom and space to play. They sleep well at night in their own kennels and are doing quite well with house training. We love them very much and are very greatful we have them.


Monday, March 9, 2009


Miss Vikki was one of the pups that was brought back from the reserve on New Year's day. She went off to her new home later in January and we received the following update on her this past weekend....

Hi Wendy,

Vikki (we re-named her Maia) is doing exceptionally well. She is smart but not cheeky, energetic but very calm too....she is just a God-send to us. We love her to bits. I've attached a few photos of her.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Shasta was in the rescue program since September 2008. She was days away having her puppies (The Pirate Litter) and after they all went off to their new homes she patiently awaited her happy ending, which luckily for this sweet gal good thing come to those who wait. Off she went to her new home a few weeks ago and recently her foster mom received this update from her new home:

Hi Julia,
Just thought I'd send a note to let you know just how fabulous Shasta is doing. She is very well behaved and is settling right in. The first night we didn't hear a peep from the dogs, and the second night Shasta nudged me awake with her little nose twice. Both times I thought I'd better let the dogs out even if that wasn't what she was asking for (just to show her that if she nudges me in the night I will let her out). The second time she did poop, so perhaps that was the case. Anyway, she is a fantastic little girl (as you know). She's already learning that on a walk when I ask for heel, that you heel and when I say "relax" that you can sniff and do what you like. She's also beginning to sit when we stop at curbs. Training aside though, she's being her goofy self and keeping Rosie (and the rest of us) very entertained. She also really adores Sophie and will always stop what she's doing and come to her when she calls. When we first started looking for a new dog, my husband Greg was very concerned that we find a dog that wouldn't change how peaceful it is in our house. We both wanted to make sure it was an enhancement to what we had before as opposed to a disruption. That's why we looked so carefully for the perfect dog. Shasta is just everything we wanted in a soft snuggly little package! I'll write again when I have some pictures!

Take care,
Mary Jo

Izzy, Logan & Paddy

Izzy, Logan & Paddy (Pheonix) were all from Sophie's rainbow litter (their brothers Jasper & Dawson you will see in a previous post). They all went to members of their foster mom's family so are able to play and have fun with each other often. Each one have grown up in great dogs that are not only very different in looks but in personality also.

First off is Izzy, she is very cute, sweet and mellow (or lazy whichever you prefer) and certainly not your typical lab. She now lives with her kitty brother Sylvester.

Then there is sweet, cuddly, loveable Logan. He is a big boy who is a giant teddy bear and most like his mom Sophie in personality. He now lives with his doggie sisters Jessie, Gurdy & brother Chase on the farm.

And finally you have Paddy, he is the goofball of the bunch. Loves to play, curl up on the doggie bed for a nap and then play some more. He went from being the runt of the litter to the biggest out of the three. He now lives with his doggie sister Darby (also a PDCR dog) and his kitty sister Mitzi.

All three come to visit their mom Sophie often at which point she makes sure every one them is given a face wash and some snuggles.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Lulu

Little Lulu came to rescue not too long ago with several of her littermates. They unfortunately did not have a very good start to life with little to no human contact and where scared of everything. Lulu was quite the popular gal when she was put up for adoption and recently went off to her new home. Here is an update from her new mom on how little miss Lulu is doing now:

Hi Wendy

Thanks for the follow up on Lulu! She is doing well and growing taller by the day. Love the pics of her! I will go thru and get you to send me a few (if not all), she looks so little!! She is my shadow 24/7, and doesn't let me out of her site.

We're still working on the "potty" thing although she gets it 90% of the time, we still have the odd accident.

She is a great addition to the family & a joy to have around!

See attached :)

I notice on our walks she seems to have put the bounce back into my 9 yr old also!! not sure if you guys noticed this but she has "webbed" feet!! :) other than the tan colour, that may be the "only" retreiver thing she has?? she's definately & mostly border collie, she tries to herd us all the time :) .. can't wait for those baby teeth to fall out !@#$!! ... yeeouch!!


Jasper & Dawson

Del & Tex where two of Sophie's puppies that where adopted in early 2008. Initially Rod & Sharon were coming to pick up Tex and upon seeing the puppies had thought maybe Tex needed to take his friend Del home with him to keep him company. So it was decided that yes indeed they would head off to their new home together, and here is what their mom has to say about life with the boys, now called Jasper & Dawson:

Hi Bobbi!

The boys are doing great. They love their home here and all the attention they get. They are actually quite the little attention hogs - anything from tummy rubs to ear and neck massages - I call them puppy rubs. In return for that I can always count on kisses and foot massages - Jasper is a licker! We are going to put up a sign at the back door - 'Beware of dog - he can't hold his licker!' Dawson has always and continues to be the protector. He keeps a watchful eye on me to make sure I'm OK and coming down the trail after them. He still lets me know when Jasper is up to something as he is still as mischievous as ever - although not as bad as Marley in the movie Marley and Me. Many have commented on how quiet and gently they are for LabX's and that is certainly the case. They have grown up to be so handsome and even stately - I still call them My Puppies. We could not imagine our lives without them - they are a big part of every day.

Sharon & Rod


If you can recall back to September 2007, Gracie was picked up by the county dog catcher and when her time was up PDCR took her in. A horribly matted, dirty, scared mess. She would not walk on a leash, just sunk to the ground and would lay there not sure what to do, loud noises made her cringe and was desperate for affection. But despite all of this she loved to jump up and give you hugs. Within a day or two she was okay with walking on the leash and slowly started to learn to trust and be a happy playful dog.

It took several months but finally Gracie was flown off to her new home. Her foster mom recently received the following email from her new mom Laurie:

Hi Bobbi.
I came across your email address and thought I would give you another update. Gracie loves life here. I run with her often and she loves the extra exercise since we have nothing really for her to herd. She always has a happy smile and all our neighbors love her when she does not bark. She guards and protects the house well. We have a gated yard and she has made many friends through the gate. People stop with their dogs or feed her treats. Everybody knows and loves Gracie. We added a little 5lb Maltese to our family and Gracie and Bella get along great. They sleep together, play together, etc.. very cute. I have attached a photo of the two of them for you to see and one of my daughter with both dogs. Just wanted you to know that we love Gracie and she is great. Oh, I got her to pee now on a leash. No pooping b/c she is so private but she pees several times now when we go for walks/runs. Take care and thank you for taking her in when she needed a home. We feel so blessed to have gotten her.
Warm regards,
Laurie (Gracie's mom)


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