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In December 2007 we decided to help PDCR by fostering (with the intent of adoption) one of the pups that had come off the reserve. Christmas holidays were come up and these pups were going to be shipped off to another rescue centre. You may remember this litter of puppies that were named after candy bars and the mum is Ruthie - we picked out the one that was named Sweet Marie.

Her first night in the house I am sure was terrifying for her. She pretty much hid behind the plant stand and the leg of the cat’s perch (not the safest place as Cedar does not like anyone touching his perch and having this strange tiny dog at the foot was driving him nuts! But never once did Cedar go after her). She eventually warmed up to us and after two days there was no way we were going to give her back. We named her Jetta and she is so much fun. She loves to play with our other dog Cricket and cat Cedar or play her own games such as “dropping the kong” or a dog form of soccer with a tennis ball and a stuffed animal. When Jetta gets up in the morning it is non-stop; she is awake and ready to play, no cuddling for this girl until bed time at night and then she the biggest and sweetest suck.

We have been very lucky with our animal adoptions (this being our third) and Jetta proves once again that rescue animals can make the best family members.

Thank you PDRC for all that you do and a big thank you to all the foster homes out there because without you none of this would be and there would be a lot of unhappy families out there still searching for their forever dogs.

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