Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Izzy, Logan & Paddy

Izzy, Logan & Paddy (Pheonix) were all from Sophie's rainbow litter (their brothers Jasper & Dawson you will see in a previous post). They all went to members of their foster mom's family so are able to play and have fun with each other often. Each one have grown up in great dogs that are not only very different in looks but in personality also.

First off is Izzy, she is very cute, sweet and mellow (or lazy whichever you prefer) and certainly not your typical lab. She now lives with her kitty brother Sylvester.

Then there is sweet, cuddly, loveable Logan. He is a big boy who is a giant teddy bear and most like his mom Sophie in personality. He now lives with his doggie sisters Jessie, Gurdy & brother Chase on the farm.

And finally you have Paddy, he is the goofball of the bunch. Loves to play, curl up on the doggie bed for a nap and then play some more. He went from being the runt of the litter to the biggest out of the three. He now lives with his doggie sister Darby (also a PDCR dog) and his kitty sister Mitzi.

All three come to visit their mom Sophie often at which point she makes sure every one them is given a face wash and some snuggles.

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