Friday, February 8, 2008

Llouie the Dancin' Dog

Llouie didn't look like much on Petfinder, as he had been clipped very short to get rid of some mats in his coat. But the description said he was "a bundle of fun". That was just what I was looking for as I do Agility and Musical Freestyle with my dogs, and all training is done with fun games and rewards.

Llouie took to these training games immediately. In the first 3 months, he had made as much progress as I would have expected in 6 months or a year! In Agility, he had learned to do jumps, tunnels, rings, weaves and a teeter totter. And in Musical Freestyle he was prancing along beside me in time to the music and doing tricks.

Llouie was also chosen to be a pal and playmate to our lonesome older dog Sherman. They took to each other at first sight, and the first night as Llouie was asleep in his bed, Sherman kept going over to check and make sure Llouie was still there.

Llouie's coat has grown out now and he is a very cute little dog who gets loads of compliments.
He is super energetic (the "Ll" in his name stands for Leaping Louie), and will love doing competition Agility soon. And look for him doing a Musical Freestyle dance on youtube before too long. He has turned out to be a perfect dog for us.

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Life With Dogs said...

How cute. Now where is that video clip?



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