Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jasper & Dawson

Del & Tex where two of Sophie's puppies that where adopted in early 2008. Initially Rod & Sharon were coming to pick up Tex and upon seeing the puppies had thought maybe Tex needed to take his friend Del home with him to keep him company. So it was decided that yes indeed they would head off to their new home together, and here is what their mom has to say about life with the boys, now called Jasper & Dawson:

Hi Bobbi!

The boys are doing great. They love their home here and all the attention they get. They are actually quite the little attention hogs - anything from tummy rubs to ear and neck massages - I call them puppy rubs. In return for that I can always count on kisses and foot massages - Jasper is a licker! We are going to put up a sign at the back door - 'Beware of dog - he can't hold his licker!' Dawson has always and continues to be the protector. He keeps a watchful eye on me to make sure I'm OK and coming down the trail after them. He still lets me know when Jasper is up to something as he is still as mischievous as ever - although not as bad as Marley in the movie Marley and Me. Many have commented on how quiet and gently they are for LabX's and that is certainly the case. They have grown up to be so handsome and even stately - I still call them My Puppies. We could not imagine our lives without them - they are a big part of every day.

Sharon & Rod

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miradukesadie said...

I love that picture of these two. I think I need more labs. It's funny how differnet Sophies puppies were, you should post the pictures of all of them grown up!


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