Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Lulu

Little Lulu came to rescue not too long ago with several of her littermates. They unfortunately did not have a very good start to life with little to no human contact and where scared of everything. Lulu was quite the popular gal when she was put up for adoption and recently went off to her new home. Here is an update from her new mom on how little miss Lulu is doing now:

Hi Wendy

Thanks for the follow up on Lulu! She is doing well and growing taller by the day. Love the pics of her! I will go thru and get you to send me a few (if not all), she looks so little!! She is my shadow 24/7, and doesn't let me out of her site.

We're still working on the "potty" thing although she gets it 90% of the time, we still have the odd accident.

She is a great addition to the family & a joy to have around!

See attached :)

I notice on our walks she seems to have put the bounce back into my 9 yr old also!! not sure if you guys noticed this but she has "webbed" feet!! :) other than the tan colour, that may be the "only" retreiver thing she has?? she's definately & mostly border collie, she tries to herd us all the time :) .. can't wait for those baby teeth to fall out !@#$!! ... yeeouch!!


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miradukesadie said...

Wow! Look at the big brother? that Lulu has to look up too! =)


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