Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buddy (a.k.a Peppy)

Hi there Bobbi & Natalie,

I just wanted to give you an update on my new family. Yes it is Buddy (aka Peppy) and I have sent a couple of pictures to you. My new mom takes me out everyday for a walk with my new friends, and when it is too cold she has showed me how to work out on a treadmill to keep my trim body. It has been 2 months and I love it here, I have found a forever home, I just love my new friends and we all curl up together. This summer we get to go in the swimming pool and exercise, I cant wait!

Thank you again for giving me a second chance and helping me find my new family.



Dear PDCR,

Just a quick note to say Osa is doing very well. Perhaps a little too well. Osa has a pronounced wiggle when she walks and the vet has decided that she needs to lose 4lbs (shes 34lbs now up for the 19lbs when I got her from you guys. The vet figures 30 would be ideal).

I suspect that is partially because she is a cookie thief and steals all the cookies from both kongs that I give her and Marty to reduce his anxiety when I leave the house. And maybe she is likely carrying some "winter fat". She also tends to play REALLY hard, but then is ultra low key the rest of the time.

Keep up the good work guys! Let me know the next time you are having one of those fairs and I will bake up a bunch of dog biscuits and ship them to Lethbridge for you to sell.

Tanya, Osa & Marty

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi to Everyone at PDCR! I have finally stopped long enough for my mom to take a picture of me! It's me Tessa. Remember? Last year you gave me a place to stay and then found me the best home in the world!

I have a 14 year old brother and a 9 year old sister (the two legged kind)...they love me very much and spend alot of time playing and cuddling with me. Sometimes they bring home friends and then we REALLY go hard! My favorite game is called "mini sticks"...the kids are on their knees and then we all chase a ball around on the floor - they use sticks to try and get the ball in the net...I try and get the ball away from them.

Mom says Dad is a cat person, but I can tell he loves me too. When he is watching TV I curl up on his lap.

My mom and I are best friends and go for long walks everyday. I even get to go to the off leash trails, down by the river, where I can burn off all my energy. Most times there are other dogs there and we romp around for awhile. Mom bought me some neat coats so I stay warm and cozy in the winter! One of them has matching booties, but I don't like to wear the booties! It also has a matching hat for my sister to wear when she takes me out in the morning before school!

We spend a great deal of time out at Grandma & Grandpa's farm...which is lots of FUN! Apparently, I need to stop chasing the cattle, though, or I am going to have to stay on a leash...oops. At first I was scared of the herd, but then found out some of the babies like to run. Guess what? I like to run too! So I try to get a game of chase going, but it seems to get my family all stressed out. We are going to have to work on this. Mom is taking me to obedience classed next month. I behave most of the time, but it is hard to listen when there are other dogs - or calves - around. I hope the group class can teach mom how to help me in these situations.

Well I better go and have a bit of a nap. My brother will be home from school soon and we always wrestle when he gets home!

Love Tessa

PS. Say "HI" to Jenilee, my foster mom, for me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Peppy was only with us for a few short days before he went off to his new home....we recently received an email from him wishing us a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year....right back at you Peppy from all of us at PDCR.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sullivan (a.k.a. Zack)

Dave and Dawn’s Happy Tail

We adopted Sullivan (Sully) (a.k.a Zack) in late February of 2009. He was the cutest puppy in Town and certainly made waves at the local Dog Park. Everyone always asked what he was and we would just say Husky Mix! Out of curiously, last month we decided to get him DNA tested through DNA My Dog and wow, were we surprised! Here is our little Husky’s Mix:


Breed Level

Parson Russell Terrier 3

Pug 4

Weimaraner 4

German Shepherd Dog 4

Akita 4

Poodle 4

What your dogs breed composition means:
Level 1
This category is intended to help owners recognize when their pet's DNA contains a majority of a specific breed (75% or greater). If your dog has a strong match to one of our validated breeds, then it is categorized as Level 1. Most mixed breed dogs will not usually have a breed in this category unless one or both of their parents are purebred.
Level 2
This category reports breeds that are easily recognizable within your dog. While these breeds may have a strong influence on your pet, each breed listed makes up less than the majority of your dog's DNA, between 37%-74%. This usually means one of the parents was a purebred.
Level 3
This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s), usually coming from a grandparent.
Level 4
Represents 10%-20% of the breed DNA, usually coming from a great grandparent
Level 5
This level represents the lowest level of breed in your dog occurring at 5% or less. However, they still appear at a low and measurable amount in your pet's DNA.

Turns out he doesn’t have any Husky! Funny cause that is what everyone thinks he is.

Sully has grown into a super strong pup – roughly 75 pounds currently (makes sense with the big dogs) and he is very strong willed (that must be the PUG!).

Sully is happy at his new home and has finally made friends with the cat, Piha. At first he caused Piha some major stress with the constant ambushes and tossing around, however they now give each other plenty of kisses. We have also nicknamed him monster as he gets into lots of trouble. He has chewed several cell phones and really likes anything on the counter. He did go to puppy training school however I think they only passed him because he’s cute!

Thank you for everything that your rescue group does, you have brought the monster of fun and joy to our house and we are more than smitten with Sully. He is one of a kind. He even gets to lay on the couch and bed, we can’t say no to that face!

Please forward the DNA to Aimee’s other pups so they can see what wonderful mongrels they are!


Dawn and Dave

Friday, November 20, 2009



It's past due for an update on my pupsicle, Osa. I adopted her back in January and she has been the most awesome, sweetest addition to the house.

Osa loves to wrestle like she's a big dog, happily playing with Marty, my Akita/Shepherd mix even though she's a third of his size. Osa loves to tease and torment other dogs, biting their tails and ankles when their back is turned and when they spin to face her she rolls over and submits right away - only to start again once they've turned again.

Osa has to be one of the cuddliest dogs around, she likes to ensure that she has absolute maximum surface area plastered against your body and loves anybody with a pulse.

I'm convinced Osa aspires to becoming a tasting-mouth dog (similar to a seeing-eye dog). Most things don't even have a chance of hitting the floor - and it doesn't have to be what we humans would usually call 'food'.

Osa has this amazing ability to convince people that she needs to be carried! Natalie was right when she told me Osa was going to be a princess. Somehow Osa manages to convince people at the vet, doggy daycare, and kennel to carry her. I don't know how she does it, but they always seem to be holding her when they bring her out to me. Everyone comments about what a sweetheart she is.

Osa still seems overwhelmed in the big world, and sometimes seems to worry that she'll be left behind. When we go into a new environment she'll often wait by the door or the gate to make sure that when I leave I have to pass by her - just so I won't forget to bring her with me.

Thank you for giving Osa a chance and rescuing her - she'll never be left behind again.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hickory (aka Doc)


Hickory is still quite the adorable little guy. He loves to chat at us and tells quite the elaborate stories. (He has been given the nickname Monkey because some of his chatter is almost monkey like). He loves to play with his cousins (and I suspect he would love a sibling). He gets around really well, with only occasional stumbles. He runs and jumps and pounces but is careful when around a group of dogs as they are sometimes to playful for him. He is still working on how to say hello to cats.

Well thats about all for now,

Sabrina, Jason, and Hickory


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