Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jack & Jazz

Jack & Jazz are Little Lulu's littermates and went off to their new home together shortly after she did. Here is an update from their new family:


Jack and Jazz are doing wonderful. They are really settling in well and are definetely a huge part of our family. They are growing tremendously and we love them very much. Jazz has always been very friendly and would sit on your lap, she loves to sit with us and always trys to lick our faces, she is adorable. Intially Jack just wanted to be at our feet, well that has changed he has decided that he wants to be on our lap now too. All is said and done but he has probably put on 7 pounds since we first got them he his huge and continues to grow rapidly. They love to run and play outside and are quite curious about the horses. I think they enjoy having the freedom and space to play. They sleep well at night in their own kennels and are doing quite well with house training. We love them very much and are very greatful we have them.


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