Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yogi (aka Bart)

Hi my name is Yogi, I used to be named Black Bart from the Pirate puppies.

My parents decided I looked like a little bear when they got me home so the name Yogi stuck. I turned a year old on Monday and my mom thought it was time for an update! I got adopted last December at an adoption fair and had no problems fitting into my family. I lucked out and got two older brothers! One of my brothers only has two legs but we play all the time and sometimes get into trouble but nothing too bad. My other brother, Skunk, is furry and has four legs and we play and wrestle all of the time. Skunk might be smaller than me but he is still my big brother and when he tells me enough...that really means enough! I was lucky enough to be able to go to Waterton this summer a couple times and really love it in the water...that's so much more fun than a bath. I love going for walks, car rides, chasing my brothers, camping and vegging out on Mom and Dad's bed.

Thanks so much for finding me a good home it has made me and my family soooo happy, we really appreciate everything you guys do!

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