Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi Natalie and all the fantastic volunteers @ PDCR,

I figure it is Vince's turn to be part of the happy tails updates.

Vince is doing fantastic!! We keep asking ourselves "what did we do before Vince?"

He is still a silly pup, but it is amazing to see him mature into abeautiful dog. The chubby pup we adopted in February has turned into astrong, energetic, and confident dog. He is no longer fearful of being dropped off and abandoned by the ones he loves. He has really filled ourlives with love and laughs. He is still such a mush ball, enjoying cuddles(not with you but on top of you!) and plays at the dog run (I am pretty sure he thinks it is a party just for him). He is inseparable with our first rescue dog, Bauer. They love falling asleep together on the couch while looking out the front window. Vince loves Koocanusa Lake where he has officially ran off birds, deer and an alpaca. I am not sure if PDCR realizes that we adopted a potbelly pig rather than a pitbull X because he loves rolling in mud holes and snorting like a pig (it is like he is laughing!)

We are so thankful for the second (and third) chance Vince was given byPDCR. Without him our lives would not be the same (and definitely less exciting).
Thank you,
Brittany and Kris

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