Friday, October 16, 2009

Logan (a.k.a Davy) & Luna (a.k.a. Shasta)

Logan started his wee life as one of the Pirates Davy ... who knew this wee little pooch would become the big boy he is today!
We drove to meet Davy and his brothers a snowy day when he was almost 5 weeks old and he came to live with us in December. His first birthday just past on October 12. Best birthday surprise was meeting up with his mama Shasta (now Luna) and her wonderful new family. You can see by the pictures Logan is a big boy compared to his mom. It was a very cold afternoon but so good to see them and Luna's pooch pal Rosie along with her people!Logan is unaware of his size and romps and plays, with our 5 other dogs and the foster dogs that spend some time in our home, as if he were petite. He is such a sweet lovely boy. He is great where ever he goes, loves everyone and makes a lasting impression ... sometimes literally having cleared a low table with his ever wagging tail!
We love our gentle giant.
Thank you so much PDCR & foster mom Julia for giving him such a great start!
It was such a treat to meet Jodi and Logan at the park for a reunion with Luna. Jodi had decided to keep Logan's size to herself and let it be a surprise. I couldn't quite believe my eyes when he came gallumphing out of the truck. I yelled, "HE'S HUGE!". It was hard to believe how big he'd gotten, and hilarious to watch him and Luna running together. They do the same pace with Luna going flat out and Logan cantering at a leisurely pace beside with those long legs!
We had great fun explaining to some of the other dog people at the park that Luna is Logan's Mamma - everyone does a double-take!It was lots of fun to see what a sweet boy he is, and really really lovely.
Thanks again Jodi for coming out to meet with us, we'll have to do it again! And thanks again Julia for the gift of Luna and all you did to give her a great transition to our home. She is a truly snuggly girl, who really loves life and is smart, but nutty and a huge goof ball. She adores Sophie and listens to her well and also snuggles with her all the time. I can't overstate how much we love love love her.
Take care both of you!
Mary Jo

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