Friday, July 31, 2009

Carly (aka Snip)

Hi! Sorry this has been a long time coming but here are some pictures of our adorable Carly. She has fit in here very well and she definitely keeps us very busy. We have had 4 "pee free" days in the house and she is sleeping between 6-7 hours during the night. Casey plays her out quite well and they have lots of girl talk. Cleo (our cat) still looks at us funny but she flicks her tail at Carly and sometimes chases Carly's tail. Casey makes a good teacher and slowly we can see progression. We still make lots of mistakes as owners however we laugh when we fail.

Today Carly took her first road trip to Canmore and she did great. We had the crate but she preferred to sleep on the back seat. I rode in the back seat there but was able to sit up front again on the way back. Carly runs like an elephant and loves to be chased by Casey.

Jackie & Greg

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