Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sadie (a.k.a. Jovi)

Sadie is doing great!!! She is my finance (Jon) and mine first dog together and she brings so much joy to our lives everyday. She is a very active dog, usually going for a run every morning and a long walk in the park at night. Her favourite activities are playing in the river and chasing her frisbee. She also has many playmates that she plays with on weekends.

Sadie has a wonderful personality!!! She always looks like she is smiling. She follows me around the house and is just happy being where I am. She loves to sleep on our bed but only if there is one person in it. Otherwise, she sleeps in her crate or on the floor in our room.

When we got Sadie Jon said he didn't want her on the couches however, her first few days in our home she was sooo itchy that she would scratch till she was whimpering. Jon would scoop her up and cuddle her on the couch and tell her if she fell asleep that the itchiness would go away. So to this day her favourite place to sleep is of course on the couch.

Thank you so much for everything that PDCR does to save these wonderful dogs and finding them loving forever homes.
Yours Truly,
Brittany and Jon

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