Friday, February 8, 2008


At the time we met "Brooks" one of the "cardboard box" puppies we had been looking for a more mature dog to add to our that didn't need housebreaking, didn't chew shoes, furniture, underwear, books, and leave "little presents" in the corner.
We had gone down to PDCR and met a couple of the beautiful dogs there but none we felt would be a match for our family. On one visit "Brooks" was at the daycare while the girls were trying to line up a foster home. One look at this beautiful baby and we decided we could help out a little and foster her until they found her a home.
After about a week we knew if someone wanted to adopt her we couldn't let her go. So here we go again, my husband has now replaced his runners, I am noticing little teeth marks on various pieces of furniture, and we have to make room on the bed at night for one more. Did I mention the many "little presents" we have received?

Her name is now "Maggie" and she has wiggled her way into our hearts including the heart of our Bichon Shih Tzu, Abby, who usually pouts when another dog comes into our house shows her displeasure by ignoring them. To our amazement you can often find Abby happily wrestling and playing with Maggie in between naps.

We are thankful that organizations exist like PDCR so that dogs and puppies like Maggie get the chance they deserve to find a home that will keep them safe and love them for the rest of their lives. Wherever you are, please support your local rescue organizations with donations of cash, food or supplies...they truly are the angels that walk among us....thanks PDCR (Maggie barks in agreement)!!!

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eric said...

aw those dogs are so cutt


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