Thursday, January 31, 2008


I spotted Casey on the the internet one day and wondered how many people, other than me, were interested in such a sweet looking dog, so I took the chance and I made a phone call to Prairie Dog Canine Rescue and to my surprise was told as soon as the others had heard of his separation anxiety, that they shied away. Silly people.

So we had a meet and greet, and found Casey to be so gentle, sweet, smart and oh sooo friendly, and decided to keep him on trial and work on his one small flaw. Well, after a week with us there was just no way he was going back he was just to cute,.

Even though there was, I admit, some destruction, (scratches on the door, cupboard doors and drawers opened up) but with the right training and loads of encouragement he is now happy, maybe "content" is the right word to be left alone in the house (he does get to share the house with two cats but you know how cats are) .

However, he has developed another small flaw, Now when we leave, he gathers either shoes or articles of clothing, usually from the laundry basket, to have near him in our absence, he never destroys anything, just needs to be close to it. He's just so smart

We now have him enrolled in dog obedience school, every dog can benefit from obedience, but we did it to also stimulate his mind and develop thinking otherwise he really does get bored, and that's when the destruction can begin.

My words of wisdom - Dogs give us so much happiness, we should give some back, Give a rescue dog a chance - they would love to love you.

PDCR Note: Casey was known as Charlie when he was in rescue. He had pretty severe seperation anxiety due to being abandoned.

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