Friday, December 11, 2009

Sullivan (a.k.a. Zack)

Dave and Dawn’s Happy Tail

We adopted Sullivan (Sully) (a.k.a Zack) in late February of 2009. He was the cutest puppy in Town and certainly made waves at the local Dog Park. Everyone always asked what he was and we would just say Husky Mix! Out of curiously, last month we decided to get him DNA tested through DNA My Dog and wow, were we surprised! Here is our little Husky’s Mix:


Breed Level

Parson Russell Terrier 3

Pug 4

Weimaraner 4

German Shepherd Dog 4

Akita 4

Poodle 4

What your dogs breed composition means:
Level 1
This category is intended to help owners recognize when their pet's DNA contains a majority of a specific breed (75% or greater). If your dog has a strong match to one of our validated breeds, then it is categorized as Level 1. Most mixed breed dogs will not usually have a breed in this category unless one or both of their parents are purebred.
Level 2
This category reports breeds that are easily recognizable within your dog. While these breeds may have a strong influence on your pet, each breed listed makes up less than the majority of your dog's DNA, between 37%-74%. This usually means one of the parents was a purebred.
Level 3
This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s), usually coming from a grandparent.
Level 4
Represents 10%-20% of the breed DNA, usually coming from a great grandparent
Level 5
This level represents the lowest level of breed in your dog occurring at 5% or less. However, they still appear at a low and measurable amount in your pet's DNA.

Turns out he doesn’t have any Husky! Funny cause that is what everyone thinks he is.

Sully has grown into a super strong pup – roughly 75 pounds currently (makes sense with the big dogs) and he is very strong willed (that must be the PUG!).

Sully is happy at his new home and has finally made friends with the cat, Piha. At first he caused Piha some major stress with the constant ambushes and tossing around, however they now give each other plenty of kisses. We have also nicknamed him monster as he gets into lots of trouble. He has chewed several cell phones and really likes anything on the counter. He did go to puppy training school however I think they only passed him because he’s cute!

Thank you for everything that your rescue group does, you have brought the monster of fun and joy to our house and we are more than smitten with Sully. He is one of a kind. He even gets to lay on the couch and bed, we can’t say no to that face!

Please forward the DNA to Aimee’s other pups so they can see what wonderful mongrels they are!


Dawn and Dave

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