Friday, November 20, 2009



It's past due for an update on my pupsicle, Osa. I adopted her back in January and she has been the most awesome, sweetest addition to the house.

Osa loves to wrestle like she's a big dog, happily playing with Marty, my Akita/Shepherd mix even though she's a third of his size. Osa loves to tease and torment other dogs, biting their tails and ankles when their back is turned and when they spin to face her she rolls over and submits right away - only to start again once they've turned again.

Osa has to be one of the cuddliest dogs around, she likes to ensure that she has absolute maximum surface area plastered against your body and loves anybody with a pulse.

I'm convinced Osa aspires to becoming a tasting-mouth dog (similar to a seeing-eye dog). Most things don't even have a chance of hitting the floor - and it doesn't have to be what we humans would usually call 'food'.

Osa has this amazing ability to convince people that she needs to be carried! Natalie was right when she told me Osa was going to be a princess. Somehow Osa manages to convince people at the vet, doggy daycare, and kennel to carry her. I don't know how she does it, but they always seem to be holding her when they bring her out to me. Everyone comments about what a sweetheart she is.

Osa still seems overwhelmed in the big world, and sometimes seems to worry that she'll be left behind. When we go into a new environment she'll often wait by the door or the gate to make sure that when I leave I have to pass by her - just so I won't forget to bring her with me.

Thank you for giving Osa a chance and rescuing her - she'll never be left behind again.


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