Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear PDCR,

Just a quick note to say Osa is doing very well. Perhaps a little too well. Osa has a pronounced wiggle when she walks and the vet has decided that she needs to lose 4lbs (shes 34lbs now up for the 19lbs when I got her from you guys. The vet figures 30 would be ideal).

I suspect that is partially because she is a cookie thief and steals all the cookies from both kongs that I give her and Marty to reduce his anxiety when I leave the house. And maybe she is likely carrying some "winter fat". She also tends to play REALLY hard, but then is ultra low key the rest of the time.

Keep up the good work guys! Let me know the next time you are having one of those fairs and I will bake up a bunch of dog biscuits and ship them to Lethbridge for you to sell.

Tanya, Osa & Marty

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