Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi Jenilee

I just thought I would give you another update. Andy is awesome! What a good boy he is. We are all so incredibly happy. He is just the perfect doggy for us. You were right he is knocking my socks off. He has fit in really well, he is eating much better now and getting nicely adjusted. He is still nervous of some situations but he is learning that he is now safe and will never be hurt so hopefully with time he can forget where he came from. I cant thank you enough he is just a little treasure and he is loving his new home and neighbourhood so much. He has not had any potty problems goes outside everytime, sleeps all night, he is quiet except when he is talking to me which is hilarious and he listens really well. Just wanted you to know that we all couldn't be happier.

Thank you a million times,

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