Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ollie (aka Spike)

Hello all you great volunteers that make up PDCR! Just to let you all know: Ollie, (used to be Spike), is doing well. We adopted Ollie in March 2009 and our lives have never been the same! Ollie is a sweet little guy and he has become one of the family. Recently Ollie, Kipper, my husband and myself took a drive to the west coast (he is a great traveler) and Ollie got to visit the ocean. He is becoming much more social and gets excited at walk time now. He and Kipper are buddies and get along well. I knit Ollie a sweater and he loves to wear it on cool days, he's such a baby, which I love as Kipper is "Mr. Independent."

It has been determined that he does not like children under the age of 10 but that's fine with us (we just cope if small kids come over!). Ollie is also a bit territorial but we have set rules, boundaries and limitations and he is responding well to his place in the pack! He is a wonderful little guy and I'm proud to have him. Thanks PDCR for your support in the beginning with Ollie, it was appreciated.

I've attached some pictures of Ollie, Kipper and one of Ollie at the Pacific Ocean (he's wearing his sweater of course!)

Thanks again, Steve, Candi, Kipper and Ollie!

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