Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sophie & Zoey (aka Midge)

I post everyone else's happy endings on here and thought it was time I share mine....

Sophie was my second foster dog and within a few days I knew she was home, I do not think she even made it on the blog. Her family had moved and left her behind, why I am still not sure, you could not ask for a better dog. From the day I picked her up she has been a happy addition to our home, it was like she had been there all along. She was a fantastic mother to her nine puppies that joined shortly after her arrival, and still takes the role as mom to the new foster dogs that come to stay.

Zoey came to me in September, I have lost count at this point what number foster she was but in the 30's I think. She was picked up by a bylaw officer and her owners did not want to pay the $25 fine to get her back. I remember the first time I saw her so scared in her little kennel. She did make it to the blog but I knew the minute I met her she was coming home to stay. She is a great little girl who is my constant shadow in hopes I sit down so we can cuddle.

I am happy to be working with PDCR and helping the many dogs find their way, and in doing so I found my two sweet girls and could not imagine my life without them.

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