Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bear (a.k.a. Andre)

I don't know if you remember me, but I adopted Bear, also known in your organization as Andre the Giant, back in January. I thought after 4 months, you might appreciate an update on him. I've attached a picture of him below .... and yes, that's me. This was taken the day after a grooming but you can't tell from the photo cuz I'm kind of smothering him. He is doing very well and me and my girls love him immensely (as does our nanny who now lives with us). He is so easy-going and laid back ... we've affectionately dubbed him "the area rug". Most, if not all, my friends have voted him "best dog in the world". I am so glad that I kept this awesome guy! He requires so little yet gives so much ... but I hope you can tell from the photo that he is not lacking in the receiving of affection!!! And he's so good with my girls ~ especially the younger one who seems to think he is her personal dress up doll and plaything (should take some pics of that one day!!!) Anyway, thanks again for all your patience during the adoption process ... it was a crazy time but I have not for one single minute regretted my final decision!!! All the best in your continued efforts!!!
Lori, Kennedy, Sierra & Bear

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